The True Cost of an Employee

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As an employer, the true cost of hiring an employee is more than the wage or salary offered by the organisation. In this article, Nathan & Nathan explains where additional costs exist, and how to account for them.

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Dubai One Interview

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Rohan Nathan, our Managing Partner, recently had an interview on Dubai One. You can check out the interview by clicking the video.


Khaleej Times Article

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Khaleej Times recently published an article that was written by Rohan Nathan. Check it out by clicking the image.

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Facebook’s HR Game Changing Practices

The role of HR in a company made by millenials for millenials that believes in transparency and open communication. Fiona Mullan opens up about throwing the HR guidebook out the window and starting from scratch in a completely new standpoint in understanding HR guidance for millenials.

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The Employee of the Future

The world is changing and evolving and so employees these days have to get ahead of the crowd by becoming employeepreneurs.