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What are the benefits of a PEO?

December 5, 2019

A PEO is your all-in-one HR and compliance provider. You no longer have to outsource to multiple vendors, insurers and specialists. Instead, your PEO can provide everything you need, including:
  • Employee benefits
    A PEO can typically give you access to a broader variety of benefit plans at better rates than you would get on your own. These plans include comprehensive benefits such as medical, vision, dental, retirement savings and more. Flex accounts, life insurance, disability benefits, even educational assistance are all available. And your PEO will provide your workers with live customer support.
  • Customer Care / complaints
    Get the guidance on updated acts/policies or let your PEO handle compliance for you. You will never have to worry about expensive, unnecessary penalties.
  • Payroll
    Your PEO will handle all aspects of payroll from tracking and documentation to deductions, taxes, garnishment, and sick/vacation day accrual. Your employees get access to online pay stubs, direct deposit, and digital W-2’s while you get payroll management reports and flawless record keeping.
  • HR administration
    A PEO can provide employee manuals, employment verification, termination support, drug testing, liability management, even new hire onboarding. PEOs can work with your existing HR team or act as the HR department for you.
  • Workers compensation & claim resolution
    A PEO provides you with workers compensation insurance and start-to-finish management of any claim. Your PEO can carry out preventative safety reviews, design safety programs, resolve injury claims, and help injured workers return to work.
  • Recruiting
    A PEO can streamline your hiring process and work with you to develop stronger job descriptions—and train your hiring managers to identify the best recruits. Backed by years of research, a PEO can even help you adjust your salary offers.
  • Training and development
    PEOs can help train staff and develop leaders, with online learning systems, custom seminars, and digital or on-site training.
  • Performance management
    Good performance should be rewarded, and the best performers should be treated as valuable assets. Your PEO can help you with employee evaluations, supervisor coaching, salary resources and tools that help employees develop themselves.
  • Strategic HR planning
    Does your HR plan support the path you want your company to take? Are you attracting and retaining the right people? A PEO can conduct high-level strategic planning to align your human resources policies with the future of your company.
  • Most importantly, your PEO can reduce your liability on all fronts—taxes, paperwork requirements, insurance, and equal opportunity employer (EEO) claims. You can be compliant with all state and federal laws.


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