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The Benefits Of Bringing In Temps When Really Needed

November 24, 2019

An obvious advantage of using temps is their flexibility. You can bring them in with little lead time, then stop using them right away as your need for extra workers subsides. Here are some other positives:

  • Relieves your existing staff from being over-burdened and burned out
  • Temps can be brought in to do specialized work your existing staff may not be qualified (or willing) to do
  • Enables you to meet project deadlines and handle extraordinary business demands, thereby increasing your bottom line
  • Since the staffing agency is the actual employer, you don’t necessarily have to increase headcount in order to employ more workers on occasion
  • If you’re impressed with the temp’s performance, there may be an opportunity to hire them on a permanent basis (this is an arrangement you would have to negotiate with the agency that represents them)


When To Consider Using Temps

Over the years the role of temps has broadened. Early on they were mainly lower paying positions, such as administrative assistants or general labourers. These groups are still among the most popular temp roles. However today you can find temps to do accounting tasks, marketing functions, and other higher level duties.

Unsure as to when a temp would be appropriate for you? How about when one of your employees suddenly gets sick for a week or two. Or a key customer moves their deadline up on a big project you don’t quite have the staff on hand for. Temps also come in handy if a staffer quits with little notice, is on vacation while you need work done.

Contract Us to learn more about weather temp staffing will work for your business.


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