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Temporary Staff Versus Contract Workers

November 24, 2019

There may be some uncertainty over the terms “temp” and “contract worker.” To clarify, temp generally refers to a temporary worker who is outsourced to you for a short term assignment that range from a single day to less than 6 months. Temporary staff are not provided with all statutory benefits as their assignments last less than 6 months.


Longer term requirements ranging from 3 – 6 months or longer are catered to by our Contract Staffing division. Contract staff are mobilized under our agency’s visa and payroll and provided to you at a monthly rate that includes all statutory costs and benefits. Contract staffing is typically a more expensive that temporary staff, as a result of the statutory benefits that are provided under the UAE labour laws.


Companies choose between Temporary and Contract Staffing depending on the role they are looking to fill. General Office Administration, Accounting, Marketing and many other roles are available for both Temporary and Contract requirements.

Specialized and highly skilled roles like Engineering, IT may only be available as contract roles.


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