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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Temporary Employees

November 24, 2019

Make sure to give us a detailed Job Description along with any expectations you have from the temporary employee. The result is better productivity.

You’ll still have to put aside time for basic onboarding though. To ease your temp into their role, ensure that you assign someone who’ll be responsible for the temp’s experience at your firm. Have your assigned employee show the temp around, familiarize them with their equipment, and explain procedures. This employee should also outline specific expectations and be available to answer questions.

An experienced temp is used to popping in and out of workplaces. Yet you can make their stay with you more enjoyable – and hopefully more productive – by showing that you appreciate them.

If possible, instruct your employees to greet temps in a friendly way, treating them with respect at all times. And respond to a temp’s inquiries or requests promptly. Although a temp may be with you for a short time only, you and your employees can make it worth every moment.


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