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Our recruitment service helps companies find top talent within their Industry. Nathan & Nathan maintains a leading position in the UAE with a large internal database of screened candidates. In addition we use the large Job Portals in the region including LinkedIn.

Our experienced recruiters screen, interview and shortlist suitable candidates for you to Interview. We support you during the process including any negotiations with the selected candidate. As we do not charge any fees to candidates only to the employer, Nathan & Nathan represents the employers requirements to any potential candidates. All our hires come with a six month replacement guarantee. 


There are two main ways in which using a recruitment agency can save your company’s time. First, a hiring process can be quite time-consuming. Using a recruitment agency can help you save your employees’ time.

Handling your executive recruitment needs in-house may seem like a scary proposition. Will your team have the expertise needed to find talent of the highest caliber, talent your company needs to move it forward now and in the future?

2019 Nathan & Nathan’s analysis on the current salary trends for companies with turnover greater than and less than 50 Million AED p.a.

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Executive Headhunting Services

  • Screen and shortlist candidates from multiple channels.
  • Provide candidate profiles and recruiters interview notes.
  • Choose to interview in person or over the telephone of preferred candidate.
  • Upon selection Nathan & Nathan charges a placement fee which is calculated as a percentage of the candidates monthly salary.
  • All placements come with a 6 month Replacement Guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected. 

Looking to fill a large number of positions at your organisation?

Outsourced Recruiters

  • Outsourcing a recruiter from Nathan & Nathan could be a more cost effective service to consider.
  • Provide expert recruiters with a relevant industry background for you to use as a full time resource at your premises.
  • Choose to use Nathan & Nathan Job Portal subscriptions and Internal Database to source candidates for an additional fee. If you wish your own Job Portal Subscriptions, Access must be provided to the outsourced recruiter.

What We Offer

Posting of Job Advertisements

Candidate Search & Screening

Specialised Headhunting Service

Administration of Assessment Centers

Compensation Negotiation

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Case Studies


ADCB Bank required to source a highly unique individual to lead their Fraud Management Division. The role was Head of Fraud for the bank and required someone with deep expertise in electronic and non electronic fraud and to support the bank develop robust coping mechanisms to protect data and their customers. Nathan & Nathan conducted a Global Search and shortlisted expert candidates from countries including Australia, South Africa, USA and Germany to consider for the role. ADCB interviewed and selected a candidate who continues to serve the bank in a larger role since joining them. 

Planet Payment

Planet Payment has been for over 30 years, powering Tax Refunds on eligible Tax Free purchases at over 150000 retail stores in 29 countries. Nathan and Nathan supports Planet Payment with the process of recruitment for various roles. We continue to support them in their journey with us.

Commercial Bank International

Commercial Bank International (CBI), a local UAE bank has been helping leading companies and ambitious people of UAE manage their business and personal finances since 1991. Nathan and Nathan extended their support to CBI by providing them with Recruitment service for various roles.

Kuwait Drilling Co.

Kuwait Drilling Company (KDC) is a joint venture between Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and CMS. KDC engages in all aspects of deep, medium and shallow drilling as well as work-over services. KDC required support with the process of recruitment. Nathan and Nathan provided KDC with operations manager to cater to their requirements.


Focusing on a companies most important assets – its PeopleWe bring new Job Opportunities every day, for every individual.


We bring with us a range of diverse services that can cater to a variety of requirements for all types of industries. 

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