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Benefits of Hiring a Remote Workforce

April 28, 2020

Remote working is a trend that is only going to see a significant rise in the coming years. Researchers have seen steady growth in demand for remote workers to carry out specific company operations as it has various benefits for both the employees and the employers such as reducing business costs, accessing a wider pool of talent, and improving employee retention.

Here are some of the top benefits of hiring remote workers:

1. Reduced Office Costs

Every company aims at making smart financial decisions. By hiring a remote workforce, you scale back expenses like purchasing cubicles, stationery supplies, office furniture, purchasing smaller office space, bills and cleaners.

2. Limitless talent pool

Hiring is no longer limited to certain geographical constraints. With working being remote, you can have access to talent from across borders. Instead of settling for an individual who merely meets the job requirements, you can find someone who masters the skills and can deliver better results.

3. Lower work absences

Absenteeism is one of the most significant issues in the workplace. Although Illnesses and appointments are often unavoidable, absenteeism due to commuting time can be curbed with a remote team which leads to higher cost saving with more work being completed with high efficiency.

4. Reduces employee turnover

Cost of replacing an employee can be colossal. Recruiting and training new employees can be expensive in terms of both – time and resources.

When the employees are satisfied and attain work-life balance, they will not leave the company, therefore, saving overall costs for your business.

5. Boosting Green Efficient business

We live in the era of heightened environmental awareness where many businesses are looking for ways to help the environment, and by hiring remote workers, cars are being taken off of the road improving the “Corporate Carbon Footprint.”

6. Remote employees get more done.

As contradictory as it may sound, but research shows that remote workers seem to be more productive compared to a regular office employee and have fewer distractions. They have more freedom to get work done at their hour of convenience, which also helps them balance work and home life making them much happier and more satisfied, which indirectly translates in their performance.



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