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Roles That You Can Move Remote

December 18, 2019

Customer Service Representative 


They can continue to operate and assist customers via Email, Phone, Pop up Chat boxes or Social Media. They do not need to be present in a specific location to get work done. 


Virtual Assistant


They provide administrative support to individuals, teams and companies. Some tasks include handling correspondence, answering calls, booking travel etc. 




Remote teachers utilise online platforms to teach visa video or voice call. With the help of all the new cloud-based applications, teaching online provides the same level of interaction and one-to-one student assistance. 




Blog writing, Content writing and Copywriting are a few famous roles that are in demand at all times, which can be efficiently carried out remotely. 


Data Entry 


Data Entry is a kind of work that can be carried out from anywhere and anytime. It is also integral to business as it is used to tracking inventory, shipments etc.  




Graphic Designer, Website designer and UX & UI design all fall within this category of creative digital nomads. Everybody with a product to sell and presence to grow and maintain in the market will need designs to make their brand more appealing and attractive in the eyes of the customers. 


Online Marketing


SEO, PPC, Traffic Generation, Affiliated Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing are all pieces of online marketing. Every company need marketing on a digital level, successful SEO strategies, and content creation to push their products or services. 




This category contains a wide variety of tech-friendly jobs such as – Web Developer, Software Engineer, App Developer, System Administrator, Website Tester and Ops Infrastructure. It’s one of the most in-demand roles and is not limited by geographical constraints. 




Consultants help companies solve problems, find areas in need for improvement, career guidance etc. Consultants need to have an area of expertise and many years of experience. Business, education, healthcare, and IT are common industries that hire consultants. Consultancy can be carried out via video calls or phone calls. 


Medical Coder


Medical coders assign codes to diagnoses and procedures performed on medical charts. These roles can be found with hospitals, clinics, and physician offices.


Data Analyst 


Data analysts use data to help companies make business decisions. Collecting data, analyzing and spotting patterns in data, compiling findings, and drafting reports are typical duties for this job.


Project Manager 


Project managers deal with tactical duties for company projects. They track deadlines and budgets, delegate duties, and ensure deliverables are completed.


On boarding Specialists


On boarding specialists source, screen, and recommend new candidates as well as help to coordinate new hires. Many companies also require onboarding specialists to handle new customers and clients.


Payroll Support 


Working with spreadsheets can be carried out remotely. As a payroll support staff, you are responsible for managing employee timesheets and other payroll records, filing taxes, processing payments, and communicating with staff about payroll issues.




Transcriptionists convert recorded speech into text format. As a transcriptionist, you’ll need strong spelling and grammar skills and a fast typing speed. You’ll be expected to transcribe a wide variety of audio, including podcasts, videos, lectures, conference calls, focus groups, and interviews. 


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