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Risks Associated With Hiring Remote Workers

April 28th 2020

In an age where digital platforms and the accessibility of internet can make working easy, remote work is no longer just a bookish theory but rather is a work style that has been successfully implemented by several established companies and startups. However, it comes with its set of challenges. Here are a few common remote-work pitfalls:



Maintaining good communication 

Remote workers may sometimes be disconnected or have a lack of information from the management. It can also be challenging to coordinate teams if they are located in different time zones, but it is not a challenge that cannot be overcome. With the increase in the cloud-based tools like Zoom, Skype, Google hangouts, MS Teams etc. it’s easier to facilitate communication. 


Creating a culture 

Remote workers have fewer opportunities to develop relations with their colleagues, and they have less visibility into overall company missions and values. As a result, some employees experience isolation, loneliness and dissatisfaction with their roles. While it’s not an easy task, it’s essential to help remote workers feel that they are a part of the broader company culture as much as possible. 


Tracking Employee Performance 

It can be hard to monitor employee performance when your team is not physically in the office, especially if the role requires daily engagement. Usage of time tracking or project management software can help you understand what the remote workers are doing throughout the day. 


Maintaining Security 

Remote workforce increases a company’s potential for leaks, breaches and hacks since primary communication takes place through online channels. Moreover, many remote workers may use personal devices for work which can create issues when they leave the company as there is a possibility they can hold onto the confidential information. These issues can be tackled with tools such as, Multi-factor authentication, Password Manager for work-related accounts and building a secure firewall that will prevent unauthorized access to & from unknown networks. 


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