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December 17, 2019

Today’s advanced global payroll providers use cloud-based systems to manage important data, ensuring better data integrity as well as visibility and audit-tracking of payroll processing. Keeping payroll information centralized also enables wider online access for customers, rather than submitting requests in-house that can take days to process. Outsourcing payroll also lets you benefit from the robotic process automation (RPA) used by many specialist payroll service providers to optimize processing, which can improve both the accuracy and timeliness of your international payroll.

A top payroll company also offers cross-functional collaborations with related systems, which can be key to the success of an organization. Integration of your HR and payroll systems can offer many benefits over separate functions, including time savings, increased efficiency, and reduced IT and administrative costs. Human resources and payroll systems integration facilitates seamless sharing of employee data and removes the need for teams to manually transfer data before and after processing, making things faster and more secure. For example, updates made by HR such as promotions, redundancies, or terminations are automatically made available to payroll, saving time in both departments and dramatically reducing the opportunity for errors to occur. Organizations are better protected in this way, as the information used for running payroll, tax filing, and benefits calculations is free from discrepancies.

The technology used by outsourced payroll solutions can also deliver important insights into your payroll and human resources management through advanced analytics tools. Going beyond typical reporting capabilities, performance analytics can identify where errors occur and how often, and even the cost impact of those issues and how to prevent them.


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