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Outsource specific activities of your Human Resource Management Process or Your entire HR Services Function. Help you business access HR Expertise and Gain from our wide knowledge base and HR Delivery Expertise. 

Remain compliant to all UAE Labour Laws and align your organisation practices to be an Industry Leader. 

Enjoy the convenience of our cloud technology while protecting your company’s confidential data with Information Security Standards compliant to ISO 27001, UAE Data Security Regulations and European Data Security Regulations.  

Servicing Over 15,000+ Employees in the UAE across Government and Private Sectors. 


Outsourcing HR means to obtain HR services from qualified contractors who are capable of getting the job done while saving you manpower, money and time. It ”enables a company to focus on HR activities with the most strategic value.

Outsourcing non-core business operations allow organizations to focus on core business activities. Outsourcing HR saves the business from investing in HR infrastructure

”Whether to keep payroll in-house or outsource it – in whole or in part – depends primarily on an employer’s size and expertise as well as cost and technology,”

Non-core business processes, such as HR Management, Employee Benefits Administration, and Payroll Processing & Administration require skilled manpower, with generalist on these roles, the specialist insights and approach may lead to errors in HR decisions. 

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Recommended Services

SME’s and MNC
Branch Offices

The HR360° service is designed for businesses that are between 5 – 250 Employees. The service ensures that you have access to Total HR Support across strategic and operational HR requirements.

HR Support is Provided through Three Channels:

In Person: An Experienced HR Business partner visits your offices subject to your requirements and service contract. You can choose to have the visit for a few hours per week or to be placed full time at your organizations premises. The HR BP is available for discussion with Management or Employees who would prefer an in person discussion.

HR Support Centre: HR Service Centre supporting employees with HR requests such as Letters, NOC, Leave, Policy Clarification, On Boarding’s and Exits.

Online and Through AI Chatbot: Customers can also choose to provide their employees with access to our Online Platform where employees can perform HR service requests through a dedicated online portal. In addition, employees can access our Artificial Intelligence Chatbot.

This service assures that your business is at all times compliant with the UAE labour Laws and in all aspects of employee relations through an established strong HR framework with the highest levels of Information and Data Security Standards in line with ISO 27001 and UAE Data Security Regulations.

Mid-sized to Large
GCC Business

Managed HR Services is suitable for Mid – Large Sized Corporations and Government Entities with established HR Functions. Through this service, you can choose to outsource specific administrative HR and ER activities. HR Services extend across all activities including Payroll, Employee Administration, Employee Relations and Benefit Administration.

HR Support can provide either onsite or offsite and designed to suit to customer’s specific business needs:

On Site Deployment: Dedicated and experienced staff can be deployed onsite to the customers premises to perform the outsourced activity. Subject to the nature of the outsourced HR activity, this might be a preferred method of service delivery.

Offsite Deployment: Outsourced HR services can also be delivered remotely from the Nathan & Nathan HR Service Centre in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Subject to the nature of the outsourced HR activity, this might be a preferred method of service delivery.

Technology Integrations: Customers can also choose to undertake a Digital Transformation of the HR Services function and develop a new way to support their staff that combines a blend of technology and Offsite/Onsite Processing. Existing technology that is already owned by the customer can be used for this or can be provided though our Technology Services Team at Nathan & Nathan.

We recommend that you set up a meeting between with one of our expert advisors to see if your Business can benefit from Outsourcing Certain HR Functions.

Need a Customised Solution?

No problem! over 40% of our customers use a customised combination of our services. Send us your contact details though our contact us page and we can develop a flexible combination of services that suits your business’s requirements.

Choose and customize from an array of services.

Strategic HR Outsourcing

Operational HR Outsourcing

PRO Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing Services

Recruitment Outsourcing Services

Nathan & Nathan offers a range of managed HR outsourcing services in Dubai and the UAE.

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Case Studies


ADNOC Gas Processing is part of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company that is the 3rd largest oil and Natural gas processing in the world. Nathan & Nathan manage employees relations and HR services to ADNOC Gas with over 6000+ employees located across the Head office and multiple gas processing sites. 

Mortgage Finder

Mortgage Finder is a leading Financial service provider with over 40 years of experience in international residential and commercial lending. Nathan and Nathan provided support to Mortgage Finder with their HR functions and further continue to support in their journey with us.

Emirates Nature - World Wildlife Fund

Emirates Nature – World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in a globally popular non-profit organization that works to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the environment for the betterment of the society. Nathan and Nathan were retained to support and align strategic HR functions for Emirates Nature.

De’Longhi Kenwood MEIA

De’Longhi Kenwood MEIA is a global leader in domestic appliances, trading in over 40 countries around the world. They required support for filling temporary positions. Nathan and Nathan catered to their requirements and provided them with Receptionists under the Temporary staffing service. We continue to support De’Longhi with their further requirements in their journey with us. 


Focusing on a companies most important assets – its PeopleWe bring new Job Opportunities every day, for every individual.


We bring with us a range of diverse services that can cater to a variety of requirements for all types of industries. 

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