The Rise of importance of HR in the COVID

January 21, 2020

The Increasing Importance Of an effective HR Department in THE COVID-19 DRIVEN WORLD


Over the past few months, the world has seen a drastic change as it has entered survival mode in order to adapt to the new struggles of each day. With health scares, financial strains, job instabilities and domiciliary challenges, the global workforce has witnessed stressful changes. In this unprecedented situation, human resources (HR) has become one of the single most important functions for any organization.


One displeasing impact of the COVID-19 is the high level of stress and burn-out among employees who feel trapped in an air of uncertainty and constant pressure. Although this seems to be an issue that has impacted the global workforce way before the pandemic, the current situation appears to aggravate these feelings.


HR teams, require to work assiduously to join hands with the employees and help keep up their morale, reshape workflows, repurpose talent, and upskill staff to stay relevant in the rapidly changing market.



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