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Steps to Ace a Remote Interview: A Short Guide

April 7, 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Digital or Remote interviews have become increasingly popular. More than any other reasons, it’s a highly cost-effective way of screening candidates, especially in the initial stages in the recruitment process.

As a job seeker, it might seem quite intimidating at first; however, with some proper and advanced planning, you can ace both – Phone & Video Interview.

Sometimes interview opportunities crop up unexpectedly, and you are scrambling to be as prepared as possible. Here are some tips that will help you make better for your remote interview:



1. Reduce Interruptions

Choose a comfortable and quiet spot when you have a phone interview scheduled. Make sure your phone is charged, so there is no hindrance. Lesser interruptions will lead to better impressions.

2. Research and prepare your answers

Take advantage of the phone interview; you can refer to your research to answer the questions better and efficiently.

Keep your resume handy and note down points about the company history, background, people, values, mission & visions. Prepare answers for the commonly asked questions like your strengths, your weakness, most significant achievements, relevant examples and experiences etc. Take time to think about your answers, and If you are unable to understand the question, do not hesitate to ask for clarifications.

3. Exude Energy and Interest

Sound confident and relaxed while you are giving the interview. Make sure you sound enthusiastic and interested, like the sort of person they would want on their team.

Remember, the way you sound and carry the conversation is going to be the basis of your selection. Smile when you talk, the tone of your voice when you smile is easily noticeable and will help you come across as a more approachable person.

4. Ask questions and build a rapport.

Make sure to moderate your pace of talking, it’s natural to be talking quicker in the beginning due to nervousness, but as you go deeper into the interview, try to keep it relaxed. Make the interview a two-way communication, rather than just answering questions that your interviewer asks. Take the initiative to build the conversation. Ask questions often or towards the end of the interview.



1. Design your “Set” for the Interview

Check your background, and be sure to put forth a clean and professional image by making sure the background is free of visual distractions, pick a neutral background. Additionally, ensure that the lighting is correct in your designated spot. If you intend to use face lights/lamps, make sure you place them behind your Laptop or Phones to avoid glares and shadows.

2. Dress Smart and Professional

Dress to impress. Dress precisely how you would for an in-person interview. Always wear formals for any interviews unless specified. Formal attire leaves a smarter impression. Ensure that you are wearing a full professional attire – include your suit pants/skirts. As much as you think it won’t be visible in the camera, but if need be and you have to get up, it’ll be awkward – to say the least.

3. Use Headphones’ for clear audio quality.

Headphones make the audio quality much clearer, especially if you are in a partially empty room, your voice is likely to echo.

Furthermore, using headphones will help you hear the interviewer better, which gives you a good amount of time to prepare for your answers instead of having to ask the interviewers to repeat themselves every now and then.

4. Check yourself out before you go live.

To be well proportioned on your screen – position your chair well, make sure there’s a bit of an empty space on the screen above your head and check that your shoulders and upper chest are visible.

Practice your video interview skills ahead of time, notice if you are making appropriate eye contact and ensure that you maintain a good posture at all times. Be expressive through your face to show that you are interested and engaged.


As a Jobseeker, you want to make every interview count, and following the guidelines mentioned above can help you ace your upcoming Phone or Video Interview.


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