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The Intelligent SME Article

As an employer, the true cost of hiring an employee is more than the wage or salary offered by the organisation. In this article, Nathan & Nathan explains where additional costs exist, and how to account for them.

Dubai One Interview

Rohan Nathan, our Managing Partner, recently had an interview on Dubai One. You can check out the interview by clicking the video.

Khaleej Times Article

Khaleej Times recently published an article that was written by Rohan Nathan. Check it out by clicking the image.

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Undoubtedly, Employee Manual is one of the most important tools for managing employer and employee relations. Delivering clear and complete information about the organization, its culture, and processes can be achieved through a well-written and engaging employee handbook. It introduces the new employees to the organization’s culture and explains how they would fit in. It also ensures consistency in actions and decisions resulting in harmonious workplace relations while reducing legal risks and statutory non-conformity.

Disengagement between Employer and Employee often create a lot of mistrust on part of employee when they are not sure if they were paid fair at the end of a Service Benefit as per the applicable laws, they also fail to understand the concept of Limited and Unlimited Contract that they have been employed on and, thus fail to understand the difference in calculation.

Most of the companies in the UAE follow the Annual Leave Policy in accordance with Article 75 of the Employment Law i.e. every worker shall, within each year of service, be granted a period of annual leave of not less than two a month, where the worker’s period of service is more than six a month but less than one year; 30 days a year.

If you are on a visit visa and currently working as an employee instead of exploring the UAE, you may find yourself in a great deal of trouble. There is no denying that UAE is an enticing working destination for people from across the globe. Both young and old aspirants land in the UAE on a visit visa, however, are instantly on the hunt for opportunities whilst still retaining a visit visa.

UAE Labor law sets out the rules of maintaining employee records under Article 53 and 54, though the law does not state that the employee records are to be in physical form, it is widely assumed that the Physical file is to be maintained …

It’s been a common practice in the UAE to provide staff leave salary before start for vacation but during the month they are on leave, the salaries are not processed. This arrangement has been comfortably adopted by employees as it also provides for the travel arrangements and …

The role of HR in a company made by millenials for millenials that believes in transparency and open communication. Fiona Mullan opens up about throwing the HR guidebook out the window and starting from scratch in a completely new standpoint in …

The world is changing and evolving and so employees these days have to get ahead of the crowd by becoming employeepreneurs …


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