Nathan & Nathan Group was established in the UAE in 2012 and delivers a wide range of Hr Outsourcing Solutions in the UAE. 

Nathan & Nathan delivers HR services to over 12000+ employees everyday, across a wide range of industries. Our customers range from small start up’s to some of the largest companies in the UAE and the world. Our services are completely compliant with the UAE Labour Laws and are ready to help you and your company access Ministry of Labour compliant HR Services. 

“We take pride in handling our clients with the utmost care & support to help ensure they reach their maximum potential.”

Gabriel Preetham Nathan

CEO & Founder

“Nathan & Nathan is a group of three companies that operates under the same brand and out of the same Head office Location in Dubai, UAE. The group is comprised of Nathan & Nathan Human Resources, Dynamic Employment Services LLC and Nathan & Nathan Document Clearing Services. In addition Nathan & Nathan maintains branch offices for these legal entities in Free-zone Areas within the UAE where required. 

The three entities are specifically licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emigration, Ministry of Labour and the Dubai Economic Department for a broad range of HR Services and Employee Outsourcing Solutions in the UAE. 

The UAE and wider Gulf Cooperation Council  area is a frontline market that demands effective delivery of value-added products and services that support businesses. The unrelenting pressure of competition on margins has forced businesses to rethink their corporate structures and policies to stay ahead of the curve by empowering employees to deliver to their highest potential.

Our philosophy at Nathan & Nathan is to work closely with our clients and leverage our specialised core competencies in Human Resources, to knit together solutions that significantly lower the administrative burden for companies and offer legally compliant solutions to help support and improve business performance. We combine technology and leading HR practices to ensure that your business receives access to the best HR support and service during your engadement with us. 

At Nathan & Nathan, we take pride in handling our clients with the utmost care & support to help ensure they reach their maximum potential.”


We support businesses of all sizes, from startups to global multinationals

HR Firm Responsibility

Social & Environmental Initiatives

At Nathan & Nathan, we support a number of charities globally. Our main efforts have been directed towards raising money for the education for girls in rural parts of India and Africa.

Nathan & Nathan holds an “open door policy” for NGO’s and non-profit organizations who would like to benefit from HR outsourcing services and solutions but for a fraction of the normal market rate cost. We are very interested in helping these organizations that are based in the UAE who would require our services.

Nathan & Nathan is committed to lowering the impact that we have on the environment. We continuously strive to modify our process flow in order to manage our impact on the environment in the most sustainable manner and help contribute to improving the quality of the environment.

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