Nathan & Nathan was established in the UAE in 2012, with the aim of Increasing employee happiness and improving employee engagement levels through strategic HR advisory and operational HR services.

We are specialised in the field of Human Resources and work constantly towards innovating, nurturing and implementing new ideas of HR management and we aim to share that knowledge and expertise with our clients and the rest of the world.

The UAE is at the forefront of the modern world and its Demographic mix combined with a large Millennial population makes its one of the leading locations globally to develop and implement HR management practices that are cutting edge.

Nathan & Nathan delivers HR services to over 5000+ employees everyday, to a wide range of customers across industries. Our customers range from small start up’s to some of the largest companies in the UAE and the world.

The range of services that Nathan & Nathan provides, requires a number of legal entities in order to be compliant to the UAE labour law. To remain compliant, Nathan & Nathan is formed by a collective group of three subsidiaries who together are capable to provide a one stop solution for businesses to access a full suite of Outsource HR services.

The Entities that form Nathan & Nathan are Nathan & Nathan Human Resources , Dynamic Employment Services and GN Document Clearing Services.